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  • Pavers are Versatile - Your imagination is the only limit when you use pavers in your landscaping projects. Pavers can be used for many different projects; patios, pools, walkways, and pavilions are just a few. The come in a variety of sizes and shapes – interlocking, basketweave, rectangular, oblong, and square, just to name a few. And pavers come in limitless colors.

    Low Maintenance - Once your pavers have been set, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Regular sweeping, occasional rinsing, and occasional resealing will keep your pavers looking like new for years. Depending on what type of pavers you select, there are additional maintenance benefits – interlocking pavers are easy to replace, and multi-colored pavers hide stains.

    Strength and Durability - Pavers are made in molds that pack the materials in much tighter than simple poured concrete. This means that pavers will be sturdier and last longer than traditional poured concrete slabs. Pavers also expand and contract with the seasons, which means they are more resistant to weather-related cracking and damage.

    A patio can add value and living space to your home. Our professionals can design and create your new living space to fit your needs and your budget. For more information on patios & walkways, or for a free estimate, please contact us today!